Drury Hotels Offers Medical Rate to Oral Immunotherapy Patients

At Advanced Allergy, it is our mission to serve and help our patients. Since we began offering Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy (OIT) in August of 2015, we now have patients traveling to us from Houston, Austin and other towns outside of San Antonio.  We are happy to announce that Drury Hotels has graciously offeredContinue Reading

When Your Peanut-Allergic Son Has a Reaction During OIT

When Your Peanut-Allergic Son Has a Reaction During OIT

When you embark on the journey of Oral Immunotherapy, or OIT, as allergy patients commonly call it, you are well aware of the risk of a reaction, or worse, anaphylaxis. It happens.  Often enough, that the risk of this potentially life-threatening reaction, can sometimes be a game-changer, or even game-ender, for some families considering OIT.Continue Reading

Managing Mountain Cedar: Early Treatment is Key

Managing Mountain Cedar: Early Treatment is Key

Oh, mountain cedar, how we loathe you.   Your  distinctive bark peels and sheds like an unwelcome snake.  Your flimsy evergreen branches populate our hills, backyards, and areas of limestone more so than almost any other tree.  You are like a pest that won’t go away.   Your clouds of pollen, when released, cause noses toContinue Reading

Warning: Food Allergens in Pet Foods

Warning: Food Allergens in Pet Foods

As a mom of twins plus one more just a year apart, I am all too familiar with chaos!  Don’t get me wrong – it is usually good chaos but chaos nonetheless.  When the kids were all toddlers it was not uncommon to see one heading in every direction.  More than once, I remember them bee-lining itContinue Reading

Are You Allergic To Your Pet

Are You Allergic To Your Pet

Dr.Gomez Dinger wrote this article featured in Dog and Cat Magazine’s December 2014 issue.  She added new information learned from a recent patient experience. I have a special interest in managing pet allergies.  I was visiting with our family pet’s veterinarian recently and he mentioned to me that he has pet owners that bring theirContinue Reading

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